Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The First Day of Spring

I'm indulging in a week of writing at home, which as luck would have it coincides with the first 'calendar' day of Spring. After a week of rain and blustery winds, the sun is shining and from my desk I am able to observe an abundance of nature's beauty through the blue window frame and past the lacy filigree of the 'bridal vale' acacia.

Not long ago I ambled delightfully in Vita's 'white garden' at Sissinghurst Castle in Kent. Today, I am fortunate enough to experience my own 'white garden' at Orchard Street.
Arum lilies abound swaying gently in the afternoon breeze, the sun casting exquisite shadows of lacework on their petals. They bow down gracefully towards the profusion of sweet smelling freesias that
carpet the ground. The lemon scented Daphne is almost gone but amidst its death throes it gives off the last perfumes - a pungent reminder of the dying Winter cold. Towering over the floral explosion of ranunculus, jonquils and daffodils stand stately silver birches and a magnificent Japanese Maple bursting with fresh lime green foliage and with no trace of the horrors of the hot dry summer that had caused them to wither and shut down in an act of self preservation.

Recent changes in planting for an Australian summer have paid off, for amidst the aforementioned remainders of my 'cottage garden' Australian Natives such as Grevillia, Banksia, Correa, and Erystostmin are clothed in bud awaiting the mid Spring sunshine. My favorite experience at this time of year however, is watching the transformation of the seemingly humble Viburnum Burkwoodeii from a non-descript leathery leaved bush to a wonderful tree covered in small white crowns of the most delicate smelling flowers.
I will go out into the garden now to stretch my legs and amble amidst this Spring abundance.

How fair the flowers unaware
That do not know what beauty is!
Fair, without knowing they are fair,
With poets and gazelles they share
Another world than this.

Vita Sackville West Spring, The Land and The Garden

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  1. Well, I have the 'hang' of this blogging stuff now, I think ! Thanks for the lesson last night Lariane.
    Your photos here are beautiful & they certainly reflect the arrival of Spring, the changes of seasons & the beauty of white in nature's pallette.

  2. Thanks Lyn - I can see you are a fast learner and I think I will enjoy your feedback

  3. After three weeks here in Chennai I am beginning to really see the trees and plants - the first weeks I saw just cars, auto-rickshaws, scooters, bikes and the various other layers of transport life that find their ways on to the roads. I have also seen deer - one really close last week and this evening at dusk a group of them just below the bridge on the bank of the Adyar. This part of Chennai used to be gardens and it's reflected in the plot numbers that mark the houses still. I'm in an area called Nawab Gardens - rich alluvial riverside land.

  4. I can see how this happens - I have always associated Chennai with crowded buildings, dirt and traffic - you know the usual Indian city thing. I guess I've never spent long enough there to appreciate the trees and plants. Glad to hear that the area you are living in has greenery.