Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ideas for this Blog Site

Hi Everyone,

I am finally home from my travels and as promised am taking the first step to getting this Blog site functioning. I have thought about how this may work and have come up with the following idea:

I will use either a quote, a thought, a photo, idea or personal experience etc and create a small story around it as it relates to me, my identity and my sense of who I am am and my place in the world. I believe that our lives are made up of these fragments/shards of existence - and it from these fragments that our lives take shape, and the story of who we are emerges.

To make the Blog successful it will be most useful and interesting if you, the reader contribute to the Blog by using the Comments facility and of course, you may choose to start your own Blog as a branch of this one.

The ultimate aim is to create an interchange of stories that weave together to form a quilt - a storied landscape.

I will post my first story soon - so join in - check out the instructions for posting comments at the Blogger website - you will need a G mail account. (this does not cost anything)


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